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Founded in 1953, Community Living Ontario is a non-profit, provincial confederation that advocates for people who have an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of community life. Community Living Ontario is proud to serve and advocate on behalf of more than 12,000 members across the province. There are over 100 local Community Living associations that make up Community Living Ontario’s membership.

We are a family-based association assisting people who have an intellectual disability and their families to lead the way in advancing inclusion in their own lives and in their communities. This includes: going to school with friends from your own neighbourhood and learning side by side with your peers, having an opportunity to explore meaningful employment and developing friendships with colleagues, having a choice to live where you want to live and being part of a neighbourhood, participating in a place of worship, and exercising the right to vote.

While these activities of daily living may seem straightforward, for many people living with an intellectual disability and their families, they are not. Throughout the province, some people still face many barriers to living a full life within their own community.

Through our work, we open people’s minds and hearts to what true inclusion looks like and how it empowers people who have an intellectual disability to lead more full lives and how it adds to the enrichment of our communities. We assist people who are in uncharted territory to discover what is possible, both from the family perspective and community perspective, when it comes to where we live, learn, work and play.


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