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The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of the eight Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation. These independent member-based Councils are committed to global social justice and social change, and represent more than 350 diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) from across Canada. The ICN provides a national forum in which the Councils collaborate for improved effectiveness and identify common priorities for collective action. Rooted in communities across Canada, we are leaders in public engagement at a local and regional level, and are recognized for bringing regional knowledge and priorities to the national level.

Created in 2006 through a collective effort of the Councils, and supported through CIDA funding from 2007, the ICN has met and continues to address key needs of the Canadian international development community. Representing over 350 CSOs, we are well placed to identify and address regional concerns, and are deeply aware of the needs and challenges of the small and medium sized civil society organizations within our sector.

The Councils work with diverse national, regional, and local organizations from the ground up. Each Provincial and Regional Council is also a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), an Ottawa-based membership organization and key partner of the Regional and Provincial Councils. Each Council’s membership spans from cultural community civil society organizations to highly recognizable international organizations. The ICN itself partners with national networks and organizations to ensure public engagement activities reach communities from coast to coast to coast, and that our voice reflects the interests and values of our members.


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