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When people with mental and physical health challenges, addiction issues or cognitive impairment find themselves marginalized, vulnerable and homeless or threatened with homelessness, LOFT is ready to offer dignity and hope.

LOFT steps up to serve those most in need by offering them the safety and stability of housing and the practical support they need to regain their dignity and take control of their lives.

Our programs proudly welcome youth, adults, and seniors of all gender identities and sexual orientations.  We currently serve some 4,600 individuals a year and because of our proactive approach, that number continues to grow.  We are one of the largest mental health service providers in Ontario and unique in the diversity of our services. We are also the largest supportive housing provider in York Region/South Simcoe and we operate York Region’s only homeless street outreach van.

LOFT Community Services promotes recovery and independence for people with complex challenges including serious mental health challenges, dementia, substance abuse issues, physical health challenges, and homelessness or the risk of becoming homeless.

We have been doing this work since 1953, reaching out to serve those who often fall through the cracks.  When people have nowhere else to turn, LOFT is there for them. LOFT takes a proactive approach to address community challenges, responding to the evolving needs of the day with innovative programming that seeks to empower our clients to be able to take back control of their lives.

Our Approach
We take a Recovery-Based Approach, which means we believe that each client can set his or her own goals and be empowered to make their own choices and change the direction their lives have taken.  Our programs engender hope and independence by creating communities of mutual support within each program.  Residents develop relationships and build support networks as they make decisions that impact their daily lives.

LOFT clients become part of a community where they are accepted without judgment, where they are offered supports but their choices remain their own, and where their housing provides not only safety and security but also a sense of belonging.

If someone has felt excluded and “different”, finding acceptance in a community where others share their experiences can be a powerful therapy. LOFT is a place for recovery and growth within a supportive community.

LOFT supports the core principles of psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR).


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