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Proposal Due: Wednesday October 9, 2019

The Canadian Women’s Foundation invites proposals from qualified Public Relations and Marketing firms to provide the following services.

  1. Proactive earned media and digital support (i.e. planning and execution of earned media engagement and complimentary digital efforts related to events, campaigns, and public education and thought-leadership projects).
  • Reactive media support, where needed at saturated times of the year.

Details are provided below. The successful firm will demonstrate proven results, particularly with other non-profits/purpose-driven clients leading change-making and action-provoking campaigns, significant events, and thought-leadership projects. They will demonstrate their strategic approach and excellence in providing robust planning and executional support. They will show their evaluative mindset to equip clients to understand and act on results.

About the Canadian Women’s Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, the Foundation  works to achieve systemic change that includes all women. By supporting community programs, the Foundation empowers women and girls to move themselves out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership. 

Launched in 1991 to address a critical need for philanthropy focused on women, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is one of the largest women’s foundations in the world. With the support of donors, the Foundation has raised more than $90 million and funded over 1,900 programs across the country. These programs focus on addressing the root causes of the most critical issues, and helping women and girls who face the greatest barriers.  

Vision: A Canada where gender equityis realized for all women and girls.

Mission: to be a catalyst for the most innovative programs, policies, and public engagement efforts creating transformative change in the lives of women and girls in Canada.

Guiding Principles:

  • Women-centred, feminist
  • Inclusive of diverse people across gender and sexuality spectrums: those who identify as women, girls, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, and 2SLGBTQI+.
  • National in scope
  • Focused on reflecting and responding to the unique needs of local communities through our grant-making
  • Grounded in an intersectional feminist approach
  • Collaborative and inclusive in all of our work
  • Committed to integrating the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action where connected to our work
  • Committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through our work towards gender equity
  • Appreciative of our valued donors and volunteers, whom we see as key strategic partners
  • Wise and prudent stewards of funds
  • Bold, proactive, courageous

Focus Areas:

  1. Prevent Gender-Based Violence
  2. Alleviate Poverty and Support Women’s Economic Development
  3. Promote Inclusive Leadership
  4. Champion Girls’ Empowerment

Strategic Goals:  

Read our Strategic Plan, “This Is The Moment. The most relevant goals tied to our PR, media, communications, and marketing efforts include:

STRATEGIC PRIORITY 4: Advocate & Mobilize for Change GOAL 1: Set and implement an advocacy and policy agenda that reflects community needs   GOAL 2: Help people to see and feel the critical role they play in advancing gender equity Long-term success means people can use us as a portal through which they can participate in meaningful systemic change efforts.
STRATEGIC PRIORITY 5: Amplify National Conversations through Thought Leadership GOAL 1: Build the Foundation’s credibility as an intersectional feminist thought leader   Long-term success means people know about us, believe in our capacity to create change as a leader in the movement, and actively support the work we’re doing.
  GOAL 2: Increase public awareness of gender equity matters and the work of the Foundation  

Our PR and Marketing Efforts:

We use these tools so: individuals, groups, corporations, and organizations will consider us a “charity of choice” and donate; we will grow as a leading voice in policy efforts for systemic change; and we will be viewed as a thought-leader in issues related to gender equality.

Examples of what we do include:

  • multi-media campaigns to positively position our brand and encourage donations/followers
  • media interviews on gender equality issues
  • publish digital material to influence attitudes and behaviours, address breaking issues, raise awareness of gender inequality and the solutions to it, etc.

Target audiences include:

  • New and existing supporters and followers who want to act
  • Partnering organizations and groups
  • Social influencers
  • English and French-speaking communities and individuals
  • People who consume news content related to our focus areas
  • Key event attendees/content consumers
  • Possible ambassadors, influencers, volunteers

Firm Work

We are searching for a PR/Marketing firm to provide us with the following.

Activity Areas Details Estimated Percentage of Contract Time
Proactive media support Plan and secure media coverage/digital amplification for 10-12 planned engagement campaigns (e.g. around International Women’s Day, Gender Equality Week)  Plan and secure media and digital coverage for our major/signature fundraiser (March 2020) and 3-5 other smaller fundraising events Plan and secure media and digital coverage for a new national thought-leadership opinion report, to be published annually 85%
Reactive media support • • Identify and coordinate “we’re available for comment on …” topical reactive pitches Identify interesting, mandate-relevant news moments where we can become part of the conversation and lead pitching 15%


We welcome responses from firms:

  • with knowledge of and experience in working with like-minded non-profits and/or foundations
  • that think in an integrated way, and can recommend ways in which a media campaign can support digital efforts and vice versa
  • that can demonstrate a track record of success in using an array or relevant PR/marketing efforts to raise awareness and funds and build thought leadership
  • that take strategic and planned approaches
  • that show how they continually evaluate and report, refining approaches accordingly
  • with diverse staffing that carry a strong intersectional gender equity analysis  
  • that are proficient and highly effective communicators
  • that are great and responsible stewards of client resources and funds
  • that are agile, passionate, and can work with tight/shifting timelines

Contract and Budget

The successful candidate shall enter into a contract with Canadian Women’s Foundation between early October 2019 and August 31, 2020, with possibility of renewal. 

The budget of this contract will not exceed $30,000 (inclusive of all fees and taxes).

Proposal Requirements

The proposal should include:

  1. approach to working with the Canadian Women’s Foundation as a PR/Marketing provider
  2. how you would strategically and creatively address each activity area to ensure successful outcomes and desired results
  3. how you would define and monitor success and adjust future strategies based on lessons learned
  4. relevant examples of working with other like-minded, mission-driven organizations working in English and French
  5. anticipated challenges and approach(es) to addressing those challenges
  6. qualifications and experience of firm and relevant staff members
  7. examples, samples, and descriptions relevant prior work and results of those efforts
  8. budget breakdown including fees and taxes and other details
  9. three references for the firm
  10. information about any previous work or project that might be in conflict with the Foundation

In your proposal, please also note if you offer clients media and social media monitoring services and whether you do it through a proprietary system or use an external system. 

Proposal Submission 

Please submit proposal and/or direct questions to:

Andrea Gunraj

Vice-President, Public Engagement [email protected]

  • In your application (in your e-mail ) please specify that you found out about this opportunity on
  • Veuillez indiquer dans votre candidature que vous avez consulté cette offre sur le site web

Proposals must be received no later than 5:00pm EST on October 9, 2019. Interviews will be conducted with shortlisted applicants in October 2019.

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