Request for Proposals

Seeking consultants to design an online course and in-person training on Results-Based Management for Canadian Small and Mediums Organizations working on global development

Deadline to submit short proposal (Stage 1)July 5th 2020
Deadline to submit long proposal uponAugust 2nd 2020
invitation (Stage 2)
Starting dateAugust 10th 2020
Budget maximum (including translation cost,$100K CAD
annual maintenance costs, subcontractor fees)


The Spur change program is a 5-year initiative, funded by Global Affairs Canada, aiming to increase the effectiveness of Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) to deliver sustainable results in support of the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main outcomes of the program are to increase the engagement of Canadian SMOs in international development and increase the engagement of Canadians, particularly youth, as global citizens. For more information about Spur Change, please visit: ​http://icn-rcc.ca/spurchange/


The Spur Change program is seeking a consultant or consultant team to design, develop and deliver an introductory-level online course on Result-based management (RBM), and design a trainers’ guide and all workshop materials for a two-day (15 hour) intermediate-level Results-based management in-person training to be delivered at a later date across Canada. All training materials must incorporate gender equality dimensions. This two-level course should help understand and identify the interconnections between gender equality and Results-based management. All courses and materials must be made available in both English and French.


The online course and in-person workshops aim to increase the capacity of Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) to deliver inclusive sustainable, innovative, gender transformative programming that advances ​Feminist International Assistance Policy​action areas and contributes to effective implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals​. This comprehensive training programme aims to equip Canadian SMOs with the knowledge and skills to apply Results-based management (RBM) principles, standards, tools, processes and best practices in the context of Canadian SMOs. The two-level course will be adapted to SMOs’ realities and increase their accountability toward their partners, funders, and beneficiaries.

Scope and themes

As part of this RBM training, the selected consultants (or team) will develop the training content for two levels of training.

  1. RBM 101​: Introductory-level online course on Results-based management (RBM). This course will be designed for users with no or very limited knowledge of RBM, and cover core principles and standards, concepts, processes and measurements, approaches, and tools as practiced in the

Canadian context1. This course will support SMOs in managing for results throughout various stages of project management, from problem identification, project design, to evaluation (divided in Modules). It will provide an overview of this management strategy adapted to the context of Canadian SMOs implementing projects and programs overseas. The online course will be designed and deployed on a web platform in French and English, with the possibility of expanding to another UN language (beyond the scope of this RFP). This online course must provide users a practical and solid foundation to immediately apply their understanding to their work. The online course will be a mandatory prerequisite for participating in RBM 201.

  1. RBM 201:​Intermediate-level two-day (15 hour) in-person workshop2 to allow participants to apply their learning, and deepen their skills and understanding of RBM in a collaborative setting. The RBM 201 in-person workshop will focus on the design and implementation of RBM strategy and practice throughout the project cycle. The workshop will help participant organizations improve the design and implementation of their management tools and approaches. The workshop must include a strong gender dimension, including through examples used, such as gender sensitive outcomes, gender sensitive indicators, gender-disaggregated baseline data and targets. It should reinforce participants capacities to integrate gender sensitive, responsive, and transformative approaches. Workshop materials must include a training agenda, curriculum, tools (e.g. worksheets, resources), visuals/power points, and a trainer’s guide which will be used in a train-the-trainer model. Consultants will be asked to support trainers who will be delivering this in-person training.

The training content of RBM 101 and 201 should be coherent and complementary as part of a comprehensive learning approach to accompany SMOs in their learning journey. Consultant will design a comprehensive learning approach to ensure coherence between RBM 101 and RBM 201 courses.

Technical aspects online course

The RBM 101 online training will be hosted in a online platform which would allow for the following:

  • Bilingual course
  • Record progress while completing Modules
  • User account (optional)
  • Automatic registration process (e.g. via user account)
  • Analytics on users’ access
  • Proof of participants’ completion (certificate)
  • Interactive exercise with downloadable material (optional)
  • Check out survey
  • Mobile friendly

The full proposal (stage two) should include the annual maintenance cost of the web platform and details on maintenance and updates (e.g. roles and responsibilities to fix technical issues with the web platform after the launch).

Learning approaches and materials

Through this online course and in-person training, selected consultant(s) must follow best practice of participatory learning.

  • This two-lever course should be adapted to the Canadian context and Canadian funders’ requirements including ​Global Affairs Canada RBM’s guidance​and other Canadian funders for small and medium organizations.

2 This two-day in-person training will be delivered in up to 10 locations across Canada after the completion of this contract. The delivery of these training is beyond the scope of this RFP. The delivery phase will be decided according to public health recommendations to hold small gatherings and inter-provincial travel.

  • RBM101 Online Course

The​ selected proposal will include the design, development, and delivery of this online course by using up-to-date and relevant technology, as well as proven instructional design. All deliverables will be in both of Canada’s official languages. Participants should be able to follow the online course at their own rhythm and upload reference materials as needed. The course could include inquiry-based and actionable exercises within the module in order to apply their learning and gain feedback on their course progress.

  • RBM 201 In-person training

The selected consultant(s) should ensure the in-person training is participatory-based and follows best practices of adult learning. The selected consultant(s) should use in the design of the training the following materials and learning methods:

  • Handouts to support the learning (e.g. tip sheet, trainees guide, worksheets, best practices, etc.);
  • Participatory approaches (e.g. Case studies; Storytelling; Problem solving; Small group activities);
  • Provide additional resources to support continuous learning (e.g. templates; List of online resources and tools);
  • Opportunities for follow up to consolidate learnings after the in-person workshop (e.g. post-training activity); etc.

The training materials must be available in both languages (English and French). Training materials designed as part of this contract will be owned by Spur Change (with the exception of materials​​owned prior to the date of an agreement). Materials developed as part of this contract will be made available publicly ​through the Spur Change website​.


The RBM 101 Online course should be delivered by November 15​th2020.

  • June 9​th2020: Launch Request for Proposals
  • July 5​th2020: Deadline to submit short proposals (Stage one – 2-page outline)
  • July10​th2020: Announcement of pre-selected candidates and invitation to the second stage (full proposal)
  • August 2​nd2020: Deadline to submit full proposals
  • August 10t​h2020: Kick-off meeting
  • August 17​th2020: Submit concept and workplan
  • September 30​th2020: First version submitted
  • November 1​st2020: Launch preliminary version (beta version)
  • November 15​th2020: Deliver final version

RBM 201 In-person training materials should be delivered by November 31​st2020.

  • Selection process: same as RBM online course
  • September and October 2020: Design training materials and trainers’ guide
  • November 31st 2020: Deliver final version of training materials


Main Deliverables – Online CourseDeadlinesEstimate number of
days (TBD by
Select web platform for the online courseth​
By August 17​ 2020
Concept plan and work planth​
By August 17​ 2020
Content of online course (Modules)By September 30th 2020
Develop features of the web platform chosen andst​
By November 1​ 2020
launch preliminary version
Submit final version (testing period Nov 1st to Novth​
By November 15​ 2020
Main Deliverables – In-person training
Develop training agenda and identify learningBy September 15th 2020
Design training content of in-person workshopth​
By October 30​ 2020
Design trainers’ guideth​2020
By November 30​
Support trainers to deliver in-person workshop (upnd​
By December 22​2020
to two sessions to help trainers’ ownership of
training materials)

How to apply


Please provide a maximum 2-pages short proposal in either English or French including:

  1. Confirmation of availability in the timeframe indicated;
  2. Information regarding the consultant (or team) training and subject-area expertise, and ability to develop content in English and French;
  3. Proposed option(s) of web platform for the online course;
  4. Preliminary budget, daily rate, and estimate level of efforts (number of days) for each deliverable (please provide an estimate costs for translation separately); and
  5. Short description of your learning approaches for each component (online course RBM 101 and in-person workshop RBM 201).

Please also provide a cover letter clearly summarizing the consultant’s (team’s) experience as it pertains to this assignment. Curriculum vitae with relevant experience to the topic (for all members of the team if applicable) and professional references. We are looking for consultants with relevant experience in RBM and that have worked with Canadian SMOs in a global development context.


Pre-selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by August 2nd 2020. The full proposal should be a maximum of 10 pages. The full proposal will include:

  • All set up and annual maintenance cost of the web platform between creation and March 2024, details on maintenance and updates (e.g. roles and responsibilities to fix technical issues with the web platform after the launch);
  • Detailed description of learning approaches for each component (online course RBM 101 and in-person workshop RBM 201);
  • Detailed description of technical components of the online course RBM 101;
  • Work Plan with deliverables and level of efforts;
  • Detailed budget;
  • Examples of past work that is relevant to a similar platform and project.


  • We accept applications in French or English. If you are qualified and available to design the online course and in-person training on Results-based management for Canadian Small and Mediums Organizations working on global development, please send your proposal to ​spur​[email protected]
  • For any question, please contact the Spur Change Director Andréanne Martel [email protected] Deadline to apply (stage 1) is ​July 5th at midnight EST.
  • Please write as a subject line: ​Request for proposal: national training on RBM
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email/proposal where (vacanciesincanada.ca) you saw this tender/procurement notice. 


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